cNw Custom Wheels

cNw does offer a complete wheel building service.  I have teamed up with Buchanan’s Spoke and Rim to offer the highest quality possible. cNw does have an agreement with Buchanans for a show finish, not available from them directly.  Mount a stunning set of fresh wheels on your Commando to take it to the next level of finish and performance. Of course, we recommend to start with our complete hub modifications to ensure that the entire package is as good as it gets

Note:  I offer the same pricing as if you were to purchase product and services directly from Buchanan’s

The standard wheel combination on cNw build is with a 19″ front and an 18″ rear. This combination will give you a far better rear tire selection since a rear 19″ size is virtually obsolete. We also use a slightly wider rear tire and when the tire gets wider, it also gets a taller side wall. The net result is that our 100/90-19″ front and 120/90-18″ rear actually has the same rolling diameter (height). In other words, the chassis will sit exactly the same as if you were running tires of the same size, front and rear

Also know that a specific width/sidewall height is not necessarily the same when comparing different brand tires. We currently are using the Bridgestone BT46 (performance compound) as a std tire, The rear 120 size has a shaved down sidewall that allows this to fit well inside the Commando swing arm

When getting a tire installed by cNw it will be a ‘fresh’ tire with a current build date and not an older tire that are often the only ones available at discount outlets. Also consider that the tire machine used is a 'no touch' machine that is critical to ensure that there is no damage to the alloy rim when installing the tire

I can of course build your wheels with any rim size and tire combination that you want

Rim design and prices:

  • Sun Rim – wm 3 (2.15) Front $ 294.00 / wm 4.5 (2.75) Rear $ 315.00
  • Sun rims are the most popular cNw option to date. These rims do not have dimples where the spokes enter into the rim. Very strong, easy to keep clean and stunning in apperance. Made in the USA
  • Excel Rim – wm 3 (2.15) Front $ 270.00 / wm 4 (2.50) Rear $ 272.00
  • Excel standard rim looks more like the original Dunlop rim. The rear 18" rim does have a drop center (raised portion where the spokes are installed). Nice looking rims and great quality. Made in Japan
  • Borrani Shouldered – wm 3 (2.15) Front $ 364.00 / wm 4 (2.50) Rear $ 376.00
  • Borrani rims were recently brought back into production. Shouldered design for that classic vintage look and feel. A bit more maintenance because of the shoulder. Top quality and beautiful when laced up. Made in Italy

Build and polish per wheel:

  • Show polish on rim $ 129.00
  • Stainless steel spoke kit $ 136.00 (straight 8 Gauge)
  • Show polish on spoke kit $ 81.60
  • Lace & True 126.00
  • Tires starting at 225.00
  • Tubes starting at 32.95
  • Mount & Balance 82.00

Contact me to talk about your new wheels. Several different finish options to consider and I can show you detailed images of those. 

Time line for a set of wheels is about 6 weeks from when I have the hubs at my shop

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